Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to TMS: Home of the Zombie!
We did it! At 7:30pm (central) we joined the 400 other events worldwide in dacning to MJ's 'Thriller' at the same time. It was excellent. The past two months of practice really paid off and the kids looked great. The participants were: Corrina Ombash, Lisa Wynn, Ty Ombash, Darren Gray, Evange Wesley, Amber Crane, Austin Cromarty, Leanne Crane, Roberto Crane, Dakota Keeper, Latasha Ombash, Caitlyn Oshag, Brittany Ombash, Seth Peters, Dylan Ombash, Austin Wesley, Keely Wesley, Ben Wesley, Kendra Wesley, Charity Sakakeesic and me (Heather).

This was so much fun!

Zombies lying in wait....waiting to RISE!

Ben Wesley the zombie!

In the next post...the video of the complete dance!

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  1. Yay! That is so awesome! You all looked like amazing zombies!!! I hope my class might join in next year and I can't wait to see the video!